1. How do I enter and exit the port?

When entering and leaving the harbor it is important to go slowly enough to allow for control and the required safety for bathers and other vessels.

2. Can I go ashore by boat?

Unfortunately no, it is forbidden to go ashore with the boat as a bather can be injured as well as the boat itself. However, if you wish, you can drop anchor nearby and swim.

3. Can I have some instructions and advice?

12 Seas can provide you with instructions as well as advice. There is a person in charge with experience and license to drive a boat to show you what you want so that you feel safe too.

4. Do I have enough experience to drive a boat?

Boats chartered by law do not require a boat driver's license. Still, it takes responsibility and that's why there's a person there to show you how to get out and drive if you need it.

12 Seas provides you with everything there is to know!